Herewith a list of the other services we offer. This is not a complete list. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this list, please contact us as we may still be able to assist.


Black and White
We are able to provide you with basic photocopying services, if you only have a hard copy. We can do A4 or A3, in black and white or colour.

We can also make copies from colour hard copies, so if you do not have a digital format of the items you need copied, but only a hard copy, we can still help.

Bulk photocopying
We structure our pricing around our clients. If you need 1 or 2 copies you would be charged a set price. The moment you need bulk photocopying, we are willing to look at bulk discounts on either black and white or colour photocopying.

Once you have had your books or projects photocopied or printed, we also offer binding services.
There are loads of options to choose from, please speak to us and we will suggest the best option.
We can either bind your books with metal or plastic binding. We normally place a clear plastic acetate over the front page and a white backing board behind the last page.
Alternatively, we can just staple with either one or two staples.

You can either bring your own documents (but unfortunately, we can not accept responsibility if anything goes wrong through the laminators) or we can print and provide lamination services.
We are able to laminate anything from business card size (50mm x 90mm) up to 1000mm x 2400mm.


Corporate Stationery
With corporate stationery we are referring to the following three items (but once again it is not limited to these items only – we are more than willing to assist wherever we are able to, speak to us for options and guidance).

One of the items under corporate stationery is letterheads. Even in this day and age where a lot gets done digitally, it is still lovely to have a beautifully designed company letterhead with all your company detail on, printed on a really nice paper. This always creates a very professional first impression. It is not necessary to print thousands at a time; with our digital machines we can do as little as 100 at a time.

Compliment Slips
Compliment slips can be used to accompany a job when it is delivered, as a thank you note, or to write memos to accompany documents that need some clarification. It makes the world of a difference when a client receives a hand-written slip. Once again you do not need to print a thousand at a time, we can provide you with as little as 100 at a time.

Business Cards
Although lots of people use digital cards these days, holding a printed card in your hand can never be substituted. You do not need to print thousands of cards, with our digital machines we can do 100 – 250 cards at a time for however many different names you need. An important thing about a business card is to always make sure that all the details are correct and remember – a business card represents you and first impressions last. That is why it is good not to print too many at a time – in case the details change. However, we are able to print 500/1000 per name if that is what you need.

I love holding a piece of paper in my hand and far prefer to consume information in printed form. Newsletters are a very good way to disseminate information, especially for people who do not have access to computers and email.

Printed programmes for events, seminars, training days, performances and the like remain popular, basically giving information about the order of events, speaker roster, etc.

Invoice, Receipt and Log books
Many companies still make use of invoice, receipt or log books. These are especially used by people that are out in the field and need to complete information to give to the client once the job has been completed. These books can be customised to the clients needs, like logos, contact details, banking details etc.

Leaflets or flyers are still popular and are often handed out at traffic lights and distributed by agents. We can do different sizes and different quantities; we can even help with the design work. On our digital machines we are able to print small quantities like 100 and also large quantities like thousands – speak to us for a quote on these.

There is nothing like handing a new client a professional, eye-catching brochure of your company and its products or services, instead of saying “I will mail you something”.

Many people like to email invitations these days, but if you want to create a look and FEEL product, printed invitations are the way to go.

We can assist you to print individual (personalised) certificates for your clients. Certificates can be pre-printed and the over prints (Name, Surname etc.) be done later. We can also print small quantities. If you have 5 people attending a course and you would like to provide them with a certificate, we can help. The turnaround time for small quantities is also quick.



We are able to provide you with this service. You can supply us with the data to go on the disk and an image for printing on the front of the disk. We will complete the task: supply the disks, burn (and test) the data, print the image and supply the disk in a sleeve, all ready for you to use.
The turnaround on this is fairly quick and is based on quantities. If you need 10 – 50 disks we can do this in a day or two, provided we have disks in stock and everything we need from the you to complete the task.

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